Saturday, November 04, 2006

it's been awhile

we've missed blogging for di's and sher's birthday!

so i shall do a very short recap.


It was (pleasantly) surprising that Cheryl and I arrived to find Sher and Di already there! There being PS cafe.
Of course Serene arrived in her usual late fashion, but hey that's alright, she more than made up for it by having to cancel on her friends just to eat fries with us later on.

one memorable bit of the night: trying to figure out HOW to fix up that transformer toy serene gave di....di shooting the arrows/spears from the dude's arm thing-a-ma-jig and it flying around and us trying to rescue it from the floor or from an obscure corner of a bag.

oh and cheryl's tragic incident with the chocolate pudding and her skirt.

good thing: serene got to piggy-back a doggie for the first time in her life.


I am pleased to report that she didn't spend it in a pothole.

In lieu of us spending time with her on her bday, we all tried to go for lunch today, but alas, due to committments which we couldn't fault them for, di and cheryl couldn't make it.

place - the marmalade pantry

so it was me and serene who met up with sher. serene also more than made up for her previous late attendance by being early for this one and actually being physically present alive and in one piece (ask her about the accident she nearly got into on her way).

funny incident about sher's sighting of who she thought was a famous dj, and then the ACTUAL sighting of the famous dj in the span of 2 minutes. amazing.

one not very 'inspiring' cookie and an elvis muffin.
but thankfully, a good crab ceasar and chicken wrap prior to that.
Point to note: serene likes wraps.
Another point to note: serene likes peanut-butter.
Final point to note: serene does not like people who suddenly cut in front into her lane when driving and are only 5 cm away from her car.
Bonus point to note: serene will not hestitate to provide a 'kind' gesture to people who drive like that.

me trying to hide from the waiters because i was there the previous night before and unfortunately, in the same outfit. (which would be fine except i was in this BRIGHT pink shirt and the waiters were EXACTLY the same as the previous night).

but all in all, good company with sher telling serene and myself very wonderful things about Bhutan and their people. Rather, one half of the population of Bhutan. Ahem.

and so that's the short recap. :)
but at least it gets things MOVING on this blog.

HI CHRISTINA AND BEV if you're reading this!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cheryl's Birthday Celebration!!

So time really flies.. i'm posting pictures for Cheryl's birthday dinner and if u scroll down this pg.. there are pix from her previous birthday!! (considering that we haven't been posting diligently.. it's not far to scroll!)

A recap of last nites happenings:

Dinner at wild rocket to celebrate our darling Cheryl's birthday....and finally we are all back! even qiu bird (who shld probably take a course in how-to-tell-a-gd-joke or smthing)... Topped off dinner with a very pretty and incredibly sinful cheesecake baked by our talented beverly.. and then headed off to bar stop for more fun and laughter...

we shall let the pictures speak for themselves....

Thursday, March 23, 2006

1 down 6 to go!

A wonderful evening to all the peeps out there!

We just concluded a fun-filled and very 'interesting' birthday celebration for our beloved STINKY CAI ( decided to spare her real name, as there are unglam moments are to be revealed as u scroll down..)

btw, to all those that were just with me.. i DO have work to get down, but i need to get my creative juices flowing, so what better way than to write abt our crazy evening??? A little time-out is always good...

So here goes:

Birthday celebration for Stinky Cai held at Samar (Arab St). As usual, Bry & Cheryl were dependably early, di & s.cai were unmistakably late and i was forgivably tardy.

It's definitely going to be a very memorable experience for us - in terms of the place and food! It's going to be hard to forget the 'lush' carpets, the sprawling table, the flavourful food & the mesmerising smell of the incense...Bry's standard line following on from her standard 'hihi' greeting to all of us was: "ssmmelll the menu". Of which, i would have to credit s. cai for being the most sporting and v candidly proclaming it to smell of 'sweat'!

Actually i think we would have fared better had we been given a table on the ground floor ( i can imagine the peeps who were at the dinner nodding their heads in agreement!), because it had that Arabic mystic feel with dark wood furniture that we so would have resonated so much better with!!! Seated there, we would have been worrying less abt the state of the carpets and concentrating on enjoying the food more..

Food was pretty alrite. Comments went like this:

"the almond drink tastes like horlicks"
"the pita bread has a lot of yeast"
"it's very spicy but not hot"
"the food's not much but i'm full already"
"what's this????" (the most common line of the evening)

Bottom-line is that the food was not out-of-this-world, but the experience was great and of course the company was the best anyone could have asked for!!

Now, moving onto the highlights:

- " s. cai's the dirtiest of all of us, as in least concerned with hygiene" - this wasn't a personal attack but more in response when seeing s. cai placing her palms on the dubious carpets & of course supported by the fact that she didn't wash her hands prior to eating the finger food! we commend you on ur strong tummy!!!

- many of us taking turn to badger the waiter for ice water until he finally gave us 3 bottles of complimentary mineral water - we learn that persistence is the way to go

- us trying to figure out what di could possibly have stomached on her first visit to Samar due to her delicate disposition

- s. cai getting her 4th mango birthday cake of the yr, leading her to ask, "do i have a mango face?" - i am at a loss of words in regards to this qns, seriously i've never tried to picture her as a fruit before.. i'll put some thought in it...

- walking to blujazz and seeing 3 cute morris minis parked outside the restaurant

- chilling out at blujazz listening to cheryl sharing her lecturer's pronunciation of Honolulu as "Hon-no-lu-lu" - i know i'm not doing justice to its funniness quotient, but for max amt of laugher, pls approach cheryl directly...

i think that it's time for me to end off and get the show on the road, so just a few parting words... definitely loads of fun (what's new) & it was a nice end to a great outing to receive a warm thank-u msg from the birthday gal herself when we reached home..We are not at our full strength, missing our dear bev & chris in action... SOOO pls let us know... exactly how cold it is in Scotland and what wonderful recipes u have concocted & not forgetting what a fantastic dinner you had with the Mayor of Sydney!!!! =)

We'll be waiting..

Nite peeps.. sweet dreams!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

for those a little bit bored.

Hey babes, my friend sent this link to me. It's very nonsensical, but it's actually quite interesting.

I think we should give trying them out a shot (no pun intended), what say you guys? :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

who's who?

One of my all-time favourite photos. Ignore the two weirdos in the background, and kinda discount the furry friend in the foreground..

but check out the uncanny likeness between the two main figures...:)


hey hope this works :) my first time- whoopeedoo! this is jez some of the fotos i started loading from xmas 2003.

best peepurs photos ever

just to make sure im not the last to catch on the uploading craze, i am re-linking some old photos that some of you might have seen my my page before.

at tt ice cream place whatever its called

all of us at tt ice cream place, a nice place, tho i do not particularly like the ice cream.

Image hosted by

at serene's 2004 birthday. sorry babes, i just can't sit still.

Image hosted by

this one dates back to a... long time, as you can see, qiu was ard then.

SERENE CAI, pls organise our tuan yuan fan 2006, and keep the following pts in mind:

1- no BK
2- pls observe punctuality
3- no going home ( or to my-friend's-place, or to crubbing, or for a million other things) so to leave us stranded in unfamiliar places with happening people

BEV, I want banana brownies. fresh fresh wan hor

Monday, January 02, 2006

cheryl's 22nd birthday (:

231205 poks @ the balcony


finally uploaded all the photos fr our 231205 gathering.. *phew*

you guys are a facinating bunch to photograph (: